Alberto Gonzalez

PhD. ICS Student at UH Manoa

Hi, Welcome! I am Alberto Gonzalez.

I am an Spanish Student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, currently studying a PhD in Computer Science working in the Lava Labortory. I have been studying and researching in the University for the last ten years while also working at the same time, for several years, full-time at a Multinational Company in Spain, deploying Air-control systems. I have a Bachelor in Electronics Engineering as well as an MS. in Control and Automation Engineering and another MS. in Computer Science. I have always been passionate about understanding the state of the art technology, developing gadgets and products. I am really interested in Multidisciplinary projects that are able to mix Life Sciences with Computer Science and Engineering.

Right now my main research and work focus is based on visualization systems, data analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for a better understandig of the environment that we live in and in order to create better technologies for the World.

You can check my most recent projects and my past experience browsing through the tabs of the menu

Most of my most recent work is related with visualization and data analytics. I am very interested in developing tools and techniques that can help data scientists solve problems faster and better, allowing them to work in collaborative environments and making use of the new available tv resolutions. Among others I have been working in developing parts of the Articulate Project: Automatic translation of natural language queries into visualizations.

"Humans are not disabled. A person can never be broken. Our built environment, our technologies are broken and disabled. We the people need no accept our limitations but can transcend disability with technological innovation"

Hugh Herr

I have developed websites for different purposes. From working with dynamic visualizations to websites holding repositories of records. This has let me worked with some frameworks such as Django as well as with multiple libraries such as: Jquery, Bootstrap, D3, KineticJs to mention some examples.

Check the slides to see some of this projects, go the the websites or watch the videos.
I have always been fascinated about robotics. It mixes a bit of all the engineering disciplines together and probably is one of the things that has made me study a Computer Science MS after finishing my Control Engineering MS. in order to be more multidisciplinary

I have worked with ROS, using Python and Java modules to develop a robotic platform for testing a control architecture based on modeling the knowledge of the system. (The architecture was not mine) The robot was able to patrol or navigate to a desired point autonomously. It was able to recover from mechanical failures such as a broken laser and continue navigating by turning on another range sensor such as a kinect device.

I have also implemented some simulations for this project using diferent simulators like Gazebo and Player/Stage You can see some of the images and videos from this project in the slides.